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FOCE Schedule
--- Posted for Jean-Pierre Gattuso (via Bill Kirkwood) ----
Dear FOCE addicts,
I enjoyed the meeting a lot and, from what I heard, the feeling was
shared by everyone. This is a great group of people and wonderful
products will come out. A link to the extended outline of the paper
(google document) will be sent soon.
As promised, below is the draft definition of FOCE for you to play with:
Free Ocean Carbon Enrichment (FOCE) systems are used to perform pH
perturbation experiments in situ. They are usually carried out in
partially open structures in order to maintain  environmental parameters
other than those of the carbonate system very close to their ambient levels.
Finally, below are the tasks and deadlines:
- 21 December: Peter sends the Eos draft to JPG and Bill
- 21 December information on journals circulated (JPG)
- 7 January: Eos draft among the participants (Peter and JPG)
- 7 January: decision on journal (all)
- 31 January: Eos draft submitted (Peter)
- 31 January: information circulated on possible location for the next
meeting in March 2014 [Villefranche-sur-mer (JPG), Mallorca (Iris), USA
(Peter), PML (Steve), Friday Harbor (Peter), Bellagio (Peter)]
- 15 March: contributions for the paper added to the Google document,
final draft consolidated (Peter and JPG)
- 01 April: draft paper circulated (Peter)
- 30 April: paper submitted (Peter)
- 30 April: wikipedia entry (Bill)
Best regards,
Jean-Pierre Gattuso |